Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rule #1...If MIT designed it...don't touch it.

For those of you who don't know, I have a secret desire to be Desperate Housewives-ish....or at least you know have the appearance of having everything together, when in reality I don't.  However, that is besides the point...this is the story of If MIT designed it...don't touch it.

This story begins on the Saturday that I arrived in Boston (so about 3 weeks ago).  You see, on this Saturday, it was dreary out and crappy so I had tortured the man by forcing him to go shopping with me for things I needed in my apartment ie; hangers, magnets, hair products, things that obviously, I a female, could not live without.  After hours of shopping for "stuff" for the apartment, we then proceeded to buy our first batch of groceries to make my Dad dinner as a thank you for moving me out here.  The dinner was successful, and dad was happy, as was the man.  I decided to top off the man's happiness by pretending to be domestic and do the dishes.

Now when I discuss doing dishes, I'm not just talking about loading the dishwasher, or washing a few things by hand.  The man is handy and built himself a beautiful bar during his college years, which some of you readers may have danced upon.  What goes along better with a bar than a bazillion pint glasses with various beer logos imprinted on them...nothing.  So these glasses should be handwashed and I decided that I was going to be domestic and attempt to do  the dishes.  That being said...I should also mention that the man has interned in Boston for the past 3 years and fallen in love with all things that are Boston; the red sox, sam adams, the bruins (but not the patriots)...so you get my point.  Since the man fell in love with sam adams, it only made sense that he have several Sam Adams Boston Lager glasses.  Now for those of you who don't know...these are no ordinary glasses.

The glasses produced for the Boston Lager are of the highest caliber, with the utmost engineering, and millions of dollars going into them.  This is not even a joke.  Sam Adams spent millions of dollars on having people at MIT design a beer glass that would maximize the flavor, aroma, and all that other stuff in order to make it taste the best.  

These infamous glasses as shown above, happened to be just one of the many glasses that I washed and set in our dish rack to dry before going to bed (also something I insisted that you have to have).  

As evening turned into the wee hours of the morning, a shattering like none other could be heard which caused me to shout aloud "GUNSHOT!!!" and the man to spring to life.  First of all, me yelling "gunshot" is completely irrational where I live.  To explain; 1. I live in a high rise condo complex where the average age is 63, and that's mostly because the man and I have moved in and dropped down the average 2. we live on the 5th floor, there's no fire-escape, and it's the 5th floor 3. We live in a suburb outside of Boston, it's not exactly a high crime area and I would know as I have journeyed home with the man in the wee hours and it's been perfectly safe.  So besides the fact that yelling "gunshot" was irrational and silly, I fell back asleep immediately without even thinking...the man however did not. 

The next morning the man asked me if I recalled yelling "gunshot" and I may or may not have told him I wasn't sure if it was real or a dream.  He then asked me if I recalled washing a very special glass...his sam adams glass...which I may or may not have.  Well apparently when Sam Adam's glasses fall to the floor their shattering sounds just like a gunshot.  It was at this point that I was told....If MIT designed it, you probably shouldn't touch it...or as I like to think of it...Reason number 1 for me to not do dishes. 

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  1. Good story! I am staring at my special Sam Adams glass as well and thinking what a shame it'd be if i were to break mine. I'd cry and then drinking out of my 14,000 other beer glasses wouldn't be the same.